Why Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich Is Better Than Chick-fil-A’s
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Why Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich Is Better Than Chick-fil-A’s

So Popeyes have released a chicken sandwich in the early August 2019, you might be not even knowing about that. It was sold out in no time after getting some popularity. But this time, we’re telling you that they are releasing again their famous chicken sandwich, but you have to wait in lines to get that. So, for our curiosity, we find out how this Popeyes chicken sandwich is best of all

Popeyes chicken sandwich got perfect buns

First of all, they have to make their sandwich unique, so they added some brioche bun to their sandwich. Everyone knows that Chick-fil-A is the master of chicken sandwich and they are ruling the fast-food market but Popeyes chicken sandwich has provided well enough fight and it has gained enough popularity because of its brioche crispy chicken bun. Along with this, they are not even charging extra for the buns.

Popeyes got next level in fried chicken

People started talking about the juice and the taste Popeyes got in their chicken and it was different from Chick-fil-A. It was because of the thickness of the chicken in the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. People got different taste and I think they know something about fried chicken. Along with this, the people are more happy on how they receive their chicken. And their guests are super happy with the hospitality they got. As their customers are happy, the Popeyes are more happy.

This kind of hustle and bustle in the restaurants and the enthusiasm for the fast-food was never seen before. In the history of fast-food, it happened only one time when McDonalds Sauce Fiasco got overrun by the customers. All the fast-food enthusiasts gathered at the Popeyes and the number got in so much number that they just sold out their chicken.

Size of Popeyes

So, after talking about the chicken and the buns, let’s talk about the size of Popeyes. It’s another factor why Popeyes is better than Chick-fil-A. The size of Popeye’s sandwich is larger as compared to Chick-fil-A and in terms of calories, Popeyes have 480 calories but the Chick-fil-A has 440 calories

The Popeyes pickle added more spiciness to sandwiches

Popeyes got another point in the competition by adding pickles on their sandwiches. Because pickles are the thing, they have pride on and Popeyes have challenged the Chick-fil-A directly.

But the best thing is that its not a property of anybody and Chick-fil-A isn’t taking it too seriously. Because, this is an open world and open market-place. Anyone can make anything to make its customers happy. And in this open-market, people decide who is the best. And the people are in favor of Popeyes this time. So, this started a new sandwich war in the fast-food brands to be the most tasty brand who are making the most tastiest sandwiches.



So above all that war in the market place of fast-food, I think people don’t have to love only one hate the others. Every brands has its own preferences and qualities. This is same like everyone has its own taste and preferences to choose which brand is best and who got the best taste. Someone can choose Chick-fil-A sandwich because of their meal and anyone can go for Popeyes sandwiches because of their size and bun. So its only the preferences of the people. But in last, we can say that Popeyes has given some tough time to Chick-fil-A and at this moment, Popeyes are on the better and winner side.


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