Why do Cats Meow

Why do Cats Meow

If you are a cat lover, then you might be knowing that cat usually purr, scratch and sleep. Have you ever wondered why do they meow? Read below some interesting facts about cats and what does it mean when they meow.

Usually cats are constantly talking and often they get vocal when there is a need of food to them or accidently you step in their tail. The question arises when they meow and why they meow. Is it something like other animals speak for attention or if they see something outside. It can also be a secret language of cats which still needs to be figured out. If the cat meows too much at you, the possibility is that you are doing some things that the cats hate.

The meaning of Cat’s Meows

A senior cat behavior expert Mikel Delgado says that a meow of a cat isn’t a simple sound of act rather it’s a method to communicate. The cat maybe trying to communicate with you that she is hungry, feeling bored, want attention, or just they want someone to say hello to them. Cats have ability to realize that if they meow at you, you will fulfil their demands and give something to them. So, there are endless answers to why do Cats Meow. The more you know your cat, the quicker you will get to know what their meow is trying to say you.

Meow: A talk to Human?

Delgado further explained that this meow isn’t just communication of cats with themselves but a try to communicate with humans. Along with this, the mother cats can meow to find their lost kittens and also kittens can meow to their mothers when they are hungry. But as soon they are adult enough, they don’t meow to communicate with each other rather to communicate with humans.

“The sound of meow is different when they are communicating with each other, its more similar like a drawn-out yowl,” says Delgado.

The Meaning of Different Meows?

There are different types of meows and all are having a purpose in them. Like when they are happy, they will meow, when they are upset, or have any other emotion they will meow at you. Well, for the difference, a short meow can be for a short hello or a reminder to pay attention to him. And if the meow gets more drawn-out, it will be the symbol of complaint. This complaint might be due to they are hungry, or they want dinner. And at last, if the meows get smaller and in series, they want serious attention from you.

Delgado further explained that you can understand what your cat is trying to say through their body language.

Cats are very vocal in nature and if you’re cat isn’t responding or she remains quite for long time, it means that she is really wanting your attention. The observation you get from the behavior of cat, the more you will be understanding the cats voices. So, this is the answer for why do cats meow.

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