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Amazon has launched its own line of smartwatches and fitness trackers and it’s hoping that they’ll drive sales for its online retail operation.

The announcement Monday comes amid a broader shift toward digital devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Amazon has sold millions of Kindle e-readers and other devices that work like smartphones, tablets and watches, but the company is slowly shifting toward its own hardware line that includes a variety of digital-only devices that do not require a smartphone or a smartphone-like device to operate.

The new digital devices include Amazon’s first smartwatch, a model that’s likely to compete with Apple’s Apple Watch.

The Amazon Watch has been designed to be a digital device that can be connected to Amazon’s cloud, Amazon said.

The company said it is not yet able to sell its own physical product.

It is also launching its first physical fitness tracker, the $199 Amazon Flex, which comes in a variety, including fitness bands.

The Flex is not a fitness tracker, but it’s a digital fitness device that Amazon said will allow users to track their exercise and workout times.

It also announced its first digital fitness band that comes in two colors: black and silver.

Amazon is working with fitness bands manufacturer Vivo to make its own band.

Amazon also said it will start selling the Flex on Amazon’s website in April.

Amazon is also selling a $99 fitness band for $99, but Amazon said it’s still working with Vivo and other manufacturers to make it available in retail stores.

It’s not clear if the new fitness bands will be available in the U.S. Amazon doesn’t currently sell fitness trackies, but customers who order them will be able to receive free shipping, and Amazon said its “Flex” fitness band will arrive in the spring.

The price includes shipping and other fees.

The Amazon Flex is a fitness band.

It will be made by Amazon and comes with free shipping.

(Amazon)The company also is releasing a range of fitness trackables and fitness bands in other colors.

The $99 Amazon Flex in black, silver, black and white, the Amazon Flex Ultra and Amazon Flex X in black and gray, and the Amazon Fit in white, silver and black are all available.

Amazon said the Flex X and Flex X Ultra will arrive later this year.

The Flex is the first fitness band to include an infrared sensor, which allows users to measure their heart rate, the amount of oxygen in the body and other information.

The sensors can be used by anyone to measure heart rate and other metrics.

Amazon said the new devices will also be compatible with Amazon Alexa, its digital assistant that allows users with the Amazon Echo smart speaker to control Amazon Echo-enabled devices and services, such as Amazon Echo Light.

The Echo, which can be controlled through Amazon’s Echo Show app, is a voice-activated speaker that plugs into a speaker-free device.

Amazon introduced the Echo in November.

Amazon’s fitness trackier and fitness band also comes with a smartphone app, but that’s not included in the Flex, Amazon spokesman Aaron Ganim said.

He said the company has no plans to release an app for the Flex and said Amazon will release its own app soon.

The $299 Amazon Flex comes in black or silver.

The new Amazon Flex has a black and yellow finish.

(The Amazon Fitness Band, Amazon’s online fitness tracker)The new fitness band includes a smartphone.

Amazon’s Fitness Band comes in gray or silver, but will not come with an app.

The band comes with an infrared microphone.

(For the Fit, Amazon says it will release a companion app in the coming months.)

The new Fit also comes in four colors: gray, white, blue and black.

The Fit Ultra comes in grey, black, blue, white and red.

The device has a built-in infrared sensor.

(Fit Ultra, Amazon fitness band)The Flex comes with two infrared sensors: a heart rate sensor and a barometer.

(Flex, Amazon Fit tracker)Amazon is not selling its own Fit, the company’s first fitness tracker that is compatible with other Amazon devices, such the Echo.

However, Amazon is also making its own version of the device that it plans to sell later this summer.

Amazon has been slowly shifting away from physical products and toward its software-based business model, which is a combination of cloud-based services and Amazon’s own hardware.

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