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Digital Ocean has announced that it will invest in the world’s first open source football data project.

The Italian company will be working with the Football Italy Football Data Project, which aims to collect data on players, teams, competitions and match results in the digital age.

The initiative is currently being funded by an Italian fund called CICAP.

The project is part of a broader initiative to collect football data for footballers and fans across the world.

The football data will be used by the Football Association, as well as the International Federation of Football Associations, which will be able to track which players are involved in their respective competitions.

The Football Italo Football Data project aims to build on the work of other open source project like the Football Data Tracker and the Football Statistics Project.

According to Digital Ocean, the Football YouTrack project aims “to make football information more accessible and relevant by providing a global dataset for all sports and sport data in real time”.

The project is not a new project.

The Football Data tracker was launched in 2016, but it was only launched in 2017.

The FIFA Data Tracker is currently only in beta, but has already gathered data for some 300,000 players.

Digital Ocean is aiming to make its project more comprehensive and transparent.

The company is now working with an Italian data privacy advocacy group called FISI and has a plan to make the data available to anyone.

“We want to make it easy to share the data with all players, all sports, all leagues, all competitions and all fans around the world, for the sake of transparency and accountability,” Digital Ocean CEO Michael De Luca told TechCrunch.

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