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In a world of watches that look like they’ve been designed by a cartoonist, Casio’s new digital watch looks like a dream come true.

A smartwatch that looks like something out of a science fiction novel.

It’s the sort of thing you’d never see on the wrist of a real person, and even if you do, you wouldn’t have to wear it for a week or two to feel its full potential.

It’s so smart, in fact, that when it launches in early 2018, it’ll be the first smartwatch to be launched from the Chinese manufacturer.

Its sleek black design is one of Casio and its Chinese partners’ defining features, and its big and powerful battery will allow it to stay powered for nearly a week on a single charge.

And the company says the watch will work even if your phone or tablet is turned off.

But while it’s so sleek and powerful, the watch’s design and performance are actually quite different from the futuristic devices we’ve come to expect from Casio.

Most of the watches we’ve seen from the company look more like the kind of futuristic watch that was designed for a sci-fi film or a high-tech military project, rather than the smartwatch you’re likely to see in the world of wearable tech.

The new Casio digital is much more like an Apple Watch.

Its buttons are all-digital and its display is a little more glossy than what we’re used to from the brand, and Casio says it uses advanced optics to help cut the size of the display.

The digital watch will be priced at $499, or about $30 more than the Apple Watch, but that’s not all.

Unlike the Apple or Samsung smartwatches, Casios digital watches will be waterproof and will work with Casio smartwatch bands, which will allow the watch to charge even while your phone is in your pocket.

The watch will also work with third-party apps like Pebble and Android Wear.

The Casio watch is not Casio Watch, and it’s not a Casio product, either.

But like the rest of the Casios smartwatch lineup, it’s being built by the same company that builds Apple Watches, Casuarino, Casi and Casium watches.

That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, though, as it’s an improvement over the other Casio devices that have been released.

The big question for the Casia digital watch is when and how much it will cost.

Its launch comes at a time when the market for smartwares is already saturated with high-end watches like the AppleWatch and the Samsung Gear S2, which are priced far more than Casio watches.

But even though it won’t be launching until later this year, it should be priced under $1,000.

In that case, it would be one of the most expensive smartwars on the market.

If you’re a smartwatch user, you probably already own one of those watches, so this new model might just be a way for you to get the same functionality without spending a lot more money.

But if you don’t own a smartworld yet, Casia is also working on a smart band that it hopes will be a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watche, which costs $399.

It’ll be available later this summer, and you’ll be able to pick one up at Casio retail stores and online.

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