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On Monday, Google unveiled the first official preview of Google Lens, its augmented reality app.

With it, you can take a quick photo with your phone and overlay a 3D object over it, which you can then interact with in real-time using the app.

The app looks and feels similar to the first iteration of Google Glass, which was launched in 2012 and was initially touted as the world’s first wearable computer.

Google was quick to point out that Google Glass is only a preview, and that its next iteration, Google Lens (formerly Project Tango), will eventually allow users to take real-world photos and videos.

But Google’s new augmented reality solution is far more ambitious, as it aims to replace the Glass-like capabilities of a phone with the ability to capture, process, and edit high-quality 3D objects.

Google said in a blog post that the Lens app is “the next big thing in AR” and promises to be a “game changer” for augmented reality.

While the app looks the same as Google Glass (which is still a Google product), the Lens experience will be entirely different:Instead of just using the phone’s camera, Google will be using augmented reality software to render 3D content onto a computer screen.

It will be able to overlay a video or image onto an object, as well as create 3D-style effects for a scene or scene area.

To take a picture, you’ll need to turn on a 3d filter and then press the button that reads “create lens” on the right side of the screen.

Once you do that, the app will render a 3-D object on your phone’s screen.

Google also said that it’s working on software for the next generation of AR glasses, which will allow users with glasses to take 3D pictures using the Lens interface.

The software will also let users interact with a 3rd-party app, like Google’s own Lens app.

It looks like Google is aiming for a product that will appeal to a much wider audience than just those who already own Google Glass.

It also looks like it has the resources to work on it.

While Google is already working on a number of AR apps for the Google Play Store, its current AR hardware is limited to a limited number of Google glasses.

The company is also using the Google Cloud Platform to build out its AR SDK.

The Google Lens team also has a strong history of innovation.

In 2012, the company launched Project Tilt, a camera-based AR experience that was later replaced with Google Glass 2.

It later developed its own AR technology, but it has yet to take the stage with an actual product.

Google’s next generation augmented reality will likely be released at some point this year, though we’ve seen hints of its potential in the past.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any new updates.

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