What to Do When Your Brake Light Comes on
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What to Do When Your Brake Light Comes on

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It is very common that you’re spending hours in your car while working or going on some shopping. For this, your car should be in perfect condition. Well, you can feel panicked if your brake lights come on while you’re driving. So, in that condition what would you do and what would be your sudden response. For that, you should know what exactly it means when your brake light comes on and why this happens.

Why the Brake Light Comes On?

While you are driving, if you see the brake light comes on, you should check the following things

Maybe Your Brake Fluid is Low

It is very common that when your brake fluid is low the brake light on the dashboard is on. The sensor which is placed inside the brake cylinder will tell you that the fluid in the brakes is low. This will alert the driver by lighting the brake light so that the driver can take serious attention to it. If the fluid gets too low, maybe there is some leakage in the braking system. and this results in leaking out of all the fluid. And let me tell you that if all of the liquid comes out then your brakes won’t work further.

Your ABS is Having some Problems

If you notice that both of the lights (ABS and Brake light) are on then it is maybe due to some problem with the ABS in the car. If it’s happening commonly then it might be a bug in the car’s system. Yet, if the light keeps on constantly, it is because your ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) is failing. Since it is responsible for the hand brake without locking the wheels and results in skidding of the vehicle. It’s better for you to take it to some repair shop. There, they will see the problem and your car is ready to bang again on the road.

What to Do If the Light Comes on While You Are on the Road

As you have read about the causes that might results in coming lights on, so now we’ll see what we can do to overcome this. Once you have noticed that the brake light of your car comes on, on the first moment find some safe place to pull over your car. If your brakes have stopped working completely, don’t just pull over to the side of the road. By doing this, you might get yourself in the way of other cars and this can result in serious disaster. Instead, wait for the right time and pull over to some parking lot. Once you got some safe parking lot and stopped the car, first check the level of brake fluid in the master cylinder. If you feel it isn’t enough, refill it and restart your engine to check the light. After performing this step, even if your car performs fine, just call for a mechanic for double check in case there is some serious problem. If you find that brake fluid isn’t the problem, then don’t drive on the road rather call immediately for a mechanic so that you have confirmation of driving and stopping your car at any point.