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The new XBox Digital Mixer is a great upgrade over its predecessor, the XBox One Digital Mix, and the XBOX One Digital Audio, the most basic mixer to date.

But what about the more advanced features?

We took a look at what XBox users can expect with the new mixer and what to expect in the next generation of games.

XBOX Digital Mixing and Gamepad Support: The new digital mixer features a pair of front-facing buttons on its left and right sides, allowing you to play and record your game in two very different ways.

On the left, there’s a button that you press when you want to play in the gamepad mode, like for example when playing an arcade-style game or when using a controller that supports the same button combination.

On top of the front-face buttons are two more buttons on the bottom side of the mixer, which you can use to change how the game plays or how it reacts to your input.

This allows you to adjust the overall sound, play sounds in different places on the screen and change the game’s settings, such as volume or framerate.

On a side note, the game also lets you pause the game to record a clip or change the sound to a preset, which is a nice touch.

In terms of gameplay, the front and back buttons can be used to play games on your XBox.

You can play games like Mario Kart 8 or The Sims 3 using the buttons, or you can control the game in the traditional controller-centric way by moving your fingers in the right or left directions.

On both sides, the controls also have analog sticks to move the controller in different directions, allowing players to move up or down in the controls, press the buttons to change game settings, and tap the sides to change audio settings.

The XBox Live Controller also supports the XBL-XBOX Digital Audio Interface (XBL-DAI), a separate, high-end interface that lets you record and play XBL games, and allows you create and share XBL game saves.

The Mixer has a range of other controls and features too, such a headphone jack for a more professional-looking setup, plus a dedicated volume button for gaming or other sound settings.

On all of these fronts, the digital mixer is a step up from the Xbox One Digital Sound, which was already a great mixer.

The new version of the X1 Digital Mix also includes an 8GB memory card, which gives you more storage space to expand your XBL library, or add new games to your library.

A more powerful option is the new USB port, which lets you connect your computer to the X2 Digital Mix and to your TV using a USB cable.

This will allow you to connect an external sound card, as well as a microphone, or a pair with external speakers, for a complete audio setup.

There are also two USB 3.0 ports on the left side, one on the front of the Mixer, and one on each side of it.

The front ports can also be used as an Ethernet port, allowing your computer or TV to be connected to the Internet for gaming.

A third USB port is on the top of each side, with two more on the right.

The mixer also has two USB 2.0, one for games and one for media playback, plus USB 3 for audio playback.

The left side of this USB port can also charge the XBl and USB peripherals, which are a great feature for gamers who want to use the XXbox as a primary entertainment device or a way to keep their XBox on the go.

The bottom side is also a USB 3-1 Type-C port, as it’s used for connecting peripherals to the mixer.

We have to give the new X1 a mention, since the new Mixer also has the same USB-C connector as the original X1, but with an improved connector that allows it to charge other USB peripheres.

The Audio Out port has a USB-A connector on the back of the device, which can be plugged into an external monitor.

We’re not too sure what this is used for, but the sound quality is a lot better, with clearer sound, more detail, and more bass.

This is the type of audio you’ll hear in the games we tested with the X360 Digital Sound Controller.

It has more definition, more clarity, and less noise.

It also sounds better than the X-1, which sounded worse.

The audio quality is still great though, with the digital audio output being very well-balanced and clear.

There’s also a headphone output, so you can play a headset on your TV or attach a headset mic to your computer.

You’ll need a stereo audio device to connect a headset or mic to the Mix.

We found the XB1 Digital Sound to be slightly better than that.

For our tests, we played a number of games

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