Trump just revealed the logo for the Space Force, and it looks like the ‘Star Trek’ symbol
The official Command United Federation of Planets logo.

Trump just revealed the logo for the Space Force, and it looks like the ‘Star Trek’ symbol

The president of USA Donald Trump’s space force has boldly gone at the place where there was already star trek. The commander—in—chief on Friday has revealed the logo for new service through hits tweet. It looked like a fictional Starfleet at the center of iconic science Trump just revealed the logo for the Space Force, and it looks like the ‘Star Trek’ symbol.

Trump has also given his tweet upon this issue. He explained about this logo as this was designed after the consultation with great military leaders. It is a new logo for United Space Force.

The Pentagon and white house did not give a good response upon the space force and star Trek logos. Both are similar having blue globes, white stars and swooshed rings around the sleek space ship. This logo also resembles the symbol of the Air force command.

The Pentagon already unveiled the uniform of space force members. The working uniform is similar to the U.S Army and Air Force.

There is a small difference between uniforms. The color of the name tapes is different in both cases. The color of a space force is blue while it is black color in the case of the army. While Air force used brown color for this purpose. Trump has given the first floated the space force idea on March13.2018. At that time the president has coined the term as a joke. After that Trump has directed the Pentagon to start the creation of a new branch.

Further, you should also know about the speech of Trump in June 2018 where he had ordered to establish the space force as the 6th branch of armed force. Trump had directed to Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford and Chairman of Joint Chiefs.
Trump believes that the destiny of Earth is the matter of national identity and matter of national security.

In August 2019, the Vice president Mike Pence Announced the Pentagon plans for space force.

However, the U.S. Air force is trying to manage the space domain through space command. Space force is a separate branch alongside the Army, Navy, Air force and Marine Corps. However, there is a new branch expected for the structure of the Marine Corps. It is also a component of the U.S Department of Navy but its representation on the Joint Chief of staff is separate.

The new sister service branch can be represented on the Joint chiefs. George Takei also retweeted Trump tweet to point the similarities of Str Trek series from 190s