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Casio has announced the arrival of a new digital watch with double digit multiplications capabilities.

The Casio Watch 2 is available for pre-order on the company’s website for $549.99, and it comes with a variety of sensors and features that make it an ideal addition to any digital watch.

The watch sports a 6-inch, 1280×720 pixel LCD display that includes the same analog time, date, and battery life as a quartz timepiece, and also has a full digital display for easy on-the-go use.

The digital display is a digital “triangle” display with eight points in each of the two sides, with the date and battery charging information displayed on one side and the current date, battery level, and speed information displayed in the other.

It is also capable of displaying information on a display at different viewing angles, like a digital watch or an LCD watch.

In addition to the clock and date, the Casio watch includes a digital compass, an integrated GPS, and a microphone for talking to other Casio users.

You can read the full specs on Casio’s website.

Casio also notes that the CasIO Watch 2 also features “the latest Casio digital signal processor and digital crown, the world’s first digital watch that combines digital clock, digital watch face, and digital time display, and the world first Casio analog digital time processor.”

The company also notes the Casios digital crown is waterproof up to 50 meters (132 feet) and can be rotated in two directions.

In comparison, the Apple Watch is currently rated at 100 meters (330 feet).

Casio claims the Casiomutron digital crown can display up to 500,000 colors, and displays a display in each time zone.

Casiomuto also notes “the Casio Casio Chronometer can display a maximum brightness of 800,000, which is more than half the brightness of the Apple watch.”

The Casiomute digital watch features a heart rate monitor and accelerometer, and Casiomutation can monitor the wearer’s breathing rate.

The Watch 2 comes in two different colors: black and white.

The company says the watch is compatible with all Casio models from the $549 Casio RealTime smartwatch.

The new Casio watches come with an extensive list of apps, including a “casio app store,” a Casio Music app, a Casiomutanron app, and more.

As for the price, the price is $599.99.

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