If you have eaten a slice of heavenly Costco’s pizza, you know very well how cheesy it is and there’s a lot going on in that cheesy pizza. In my opinion, there is nothing heavenly than buying a slice of Costco’s pizza for $1.99. After you’re done bulking or stocking up the items and pushing the cart for few hours, you deserve that cheesy slice of Costco’s pizza. Costco pizza is available on a universal level. Now I am telling you this because the other food items of Costco are only specified for some regions. It means that some food items are available on few regional food courts but you can grab that cheesy slice of Costco anywhere. By the end of your haul, you must get that browned cheese with a thin crispy crust. I am not hesitant to say that their pizza is delicious every time you order and it is because of their pizza making bots.

pics Costco’s-Pizza

Even distribution of ingredients and cheese

This pizza making robot evenly distributes the cheese and other ingredients on the dough and lets you wonder about what exactly went wrong when making the pizza at home. Moreover, you can enjoy seeing the bot making your delicious pizza. The process is so mesmerizing that you will have an urge to eat 2 more slices in a second or so. Maybe that is why, many people pushing their carts order their pizza slice ahead of time or in advance, to get their pizza on time!

Increased efficiency and better standards

Kaiwen Zhao is an employee at Costco since the year 2013 and he says that there is a reason why Costco’s pizzas are delicious. They are made by our pizza making bots! He says that every outlet of Costco has streamlined the pizza making process but installing the bots. Not only does it increase the efficiency but also serves all customers with the same standards.
He further says that our pizzas are extremely finger-licking and scrumptious because we never miss out on any ingredient and never ever shortcut any ingredients. The pizza making bots evenly distribute every ingredient on the dough to make it appetizing for every customer. Whenever you will visit Costco after a tiring journey of pushing the cart, you will find the same amount of toppings, cheese, sauce, chicken and vegetables in our pizzas. In light of this statement, we can surely say that in this way, Costco would never lower down their standards.

Converting pizza making into art

According to an article in Reader’s digest, Costco has learned the art of making pizza with efficiency and within few seconds. Due to their advanced pizza making machines, their sauce, toppings and cheese are absolutely equal in all the pizzas they make.

The main work of the pizza making bots is to load the dough into a hot flattening machine where the dough is given a hot burst for perfect thickness of the dough and to make the crust a little crispy to taste. Then the pizza is transferred to the sauce spreading machine, which is very over whelming to watch if you are standing by.

Perfection of dough

Moreover, they also consider minor things that make the best pizza in town. For instance, they give the dough the time to rise before they press it into the flattening machine. After the sauce and toppings are added in the pizza, the employees put it in the oven. The oven is pre-heated which bakes the pizza at all angles at the same time so that no portion of the crust and cheese is left uncooked.
Moreover, the employees of the Costco ensure that the pizza is always fresh and ready to serve. A pizza which is not sold out in an hour is immediately replaced with a new one to retain the quality standards of the place. This is why, Costco’s pizza is always so delicious and piping hot!