The First Country in the World to Ban Ads for Soft Drinks and Juices
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The First Country in the World to Ban Ads for Soft Drinks and Juices

Soft drinks and processed juices are as harmful as the junk food from a fast food restaurants but the thing is we don’t pay attention. Though we stop ourselves and the kids form taking stuff like pizza, burgers, and fries due to their shocking and harmful aftereffects but when it comes to drinks and specifically canned juices, we totally ignore their harmfulness. Moreover, when it comes to taking diet food, we start to rely over diet sodas and juices however processed. By doing so, we remain unable to achieve our goals despite of leaving meat, fast food, and fried stuff. We remain shocked and often get dismayed by this. We don’t realize that the cause of contention between us and the health lifestyle is these drinks and juices.

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However, now as the awareness among people is increasing due to an increase in the obesity among kids and youngsters, nations are paying more attention on transforming their food chart to more organic stuff than the processed. According to food experts;

“Anything that’s processed cannot be associated with the hygiene because it is not”.

This is the reason many countries are now taking actions on national level for the prohibition of drinks and juice. But who took the first step? As it is an old saying:

“Nobody ever remembers someone who comes second. We all remember Neel Armstrong to be the first man to go on moon. Who came second? Nobody knows!”

Singapore the First Every Country in the World to Ban Ads for Soft Drinks and Juices:

Basically, Singapore is one of the developed nations with strong economy and hundred percent literacy rate. And yes, she has become the first ever country that has banned all types of advertisement form the national and private channels either related to electronic media or print media regarding soft drinks and processed juices. Now, no company form the world can endorse soft drinks inside Singapore and use their media for advertisement.

Why Did Singapore Ban Soft Drinks And Juices?

Despite of being a developed nation and having all types of facilities of diseases and issues treatment, however the Singapore is struggling against diabetes. It has dangerously risen threats of diabetes among the Singaporeans and to take a control over the situation and combat diabetes form the nation, govt. is taking measures in national level. As a result, all types of soft drinks and processed juices are banned from showcasing over TV channels, radio stations, newspapers, and other means of media.

They have made this decision after checking out the adverse effects and a dangerously increased amount of sugar inside the soda and processed drinks. According to a survey:

“Coke, Pepsi, and other soft beverages including artificial juices, all have highest amounts of sugar in it that’s so dangerous for the health of a human being”.

Due to these drinks the risks of many diseases and issues increase such as:

1- Sweetened drinks are major cause of obesity.

2- They also cause type 2 diabetes which is chronic.

3- It can also be reason of cardiovascular diseases.

4- They can also increase cancerous and tumorous cells in human body.

These things were revealed after a study of soft drinks on rodents.

Bottom Line:

This is the reason, Singapore took the action and banned ads for soft drinks and juices form TV. It is first ever country however more countries are also now taking part in doing so such as Pakistan. In Pakistan, the govt. has banned juices, drinks, and all types of processed liquids from being sold in the universities, colleges, and schools.