Shane Dawson Biography – life, career, net worth, cars, etc.
shane dawson

Shane Dawson Biography – life, career, net worth, cars, etc.

You might have heard about an American youtuber which is breaking the internet with his videos in the very early stage of life. To tell you more facts and his biography, we have compiled and researched his life to collect some facts and information about his life which you might not know.


Shane Dawson’s Early Life

The Popular American YouTube personality Shane Lee was born on the 19th of July 1988, and Long Beach, California in the United States. And as Shane Dawson, he is certainly best known for his YouTube channel called Shane Dawson TV, which has over 6 million plus subscribers.

Shane Dawson’s Current Hobbies

He is also an actor, film director and comedian. Shane has received such awards as best a blogger award and choice web Star Award. He has even started a career as a musician.

Shane Dawson’s Net Worth

So just how rich is Shane Dawson? It’s estimated by a celebrity that the money Shane’s net worth is over $5 million as of late 2017. The main source being Shane’s activities as a YouTube personality during his career, which began only a little over 10 years ago.

Shane Dawson, YouTuber, actor, writer
Shane Dawson, YouTuber, actor, writer

Where did Shane Dawson Studied

Shane studied at Lakewood High School. His childhood was difficult as he had problems with his weight and experienced bullying from other children. What is more, his father was addicted to alcohol and so his family experience a lot of struggles in their life. His father eventually left.

Shane Dawson’s YouTube Career

When he was still attending school, Shane started making videos and later this hobby developed into a career. In 2008, Dawson created his YouTube channel called a Shane Dawson TV and fairly quickly gained an impressive number of views. Now Shane’s post his videos every day on another channel simply called Shane and even collaborated with other noted YouTubers, including the Fine Brothers, Brittani Louise Taylor and iJustine among others, which has helped add to Shane’s popularity and his network.

Shane Dawson’s Movies and TV Shows

In addition, Shane Dawson has appeared in several movies and TV shows, for example, smiley and not cool and the chair competition, in which two novice directors are given the same script and each make their own film out of it, after which the audience watches both films, and they vote online for their preference.

The test audience like the movie, and it awesomely won the competition, which is the first prize being 250,000 dollars to work on another film project, but also a significant boost to his network.

Shane Dawson’s Professional Career

As mentioned, Shane has also begun his professional career as a musician since 2010. He has released eight albums and it’s believed to be working on his first studio album to talk about Shane Dawson’s Personal life.

Shane Dawson’s Relationship

He is in a relationship with Lisa Schwartz, who is also a YouTube personality. They both live in Hollywood, California.

Shane Dawson’s Cars Collection

Shane has number of luxurious and expensive cars which cost millions of dollars. This shows that he has great interest in buying new and luxurious cars despite of his huge success. One of his pink Mercedes Benz G63 cost him about 148,495 dollars. That’s huge amount, isn’t it?

Shane also has royal blue Wrangler Rubicon car which has an initial price of $38,000 for the two-door models and almost $41,000 for the four-door models.