Seinfeld’ Is One of The Biggest Shows Ever, But It Might Not Be ‘Friends’ Or ‘The Office’ For Netflix

Seinfeld’ Is One of The Biggest Shows Ever, But It Might Not Be ‘Friends’ Or ‘The Office’ For Netflix

Over time, Netflix is getting more popularity and becoming able to land rights from all around the world to one of the most iconic sitcoms Seinfeld in a deal with the distributor Sony for the next five years. The show is going to move from its present rightsholder and most famous broadcaster Hulu. Its deal with Hulu is going to be ended in the year 2021. Sources are claiming that the new streaming deal of Seinfeld has worth more than 500 million dollars and is going to cover global rights in the best possible way.



Scenes from the Seinfeld series

Know what is happening with the biggest shows of Seinfeld

During a much-commended season four, Seinfeld has to get settled into its permanent home properly. However, at Thursday nights, this season Seinfeld could not perform well against the most famous ABC’s Home Improvement which is coming on Wednesday nights; however, this will be moved to the Thursday nights at 9:30 pm, The Los Angeles time has written at the time. With the loss of the last season of The Cosby Show and the next season of Cheers, NBC is hoping well from its ell-regarded and most-loved series may keep the network strong in a more effective way on Thursdays.

Seinfeld series


Scenes from the Seinfeld

It can be a masterstroke of scheduling the series it is because after switching Seinfeld has stayed among the top 3 of the most loved and watched shows on Televisions, even after never being among the top-20 for its first 4 seasons but has been completed as the most-watched one during its 6 and 9 seasons. As Seinfeld went at the top, therefore, there is no wonder why Hulu has paid much for getting the streaming rights of this Sitcom.

Why Netflix wants to stream Seinfeld?

Well, the reason is so obvious that why Netflix is looking for the opportunity to stream Seinfeld. The streamer is going to lose Friends in 2020 to HBO Max and The Office to the streaming platform of NBC. As these are the most popular seasons on Netflix and people have spent too much time on these seasons. With their end, there are chances of losing a lot of subscribers. However, this is the time to see whether Seinfeld is going to keep a lot of potential subscribers from going to any other streaming options or not. Although in 2019 Seinfeld is not as popular as Friends and The Office. Sources are also saying that Hulu could not account even 1% of its viewing from Seinfeld. While The office has accounted 7 while Friends has accounted for 4 percent of Netflix’s viewing.



Although all of these 3 are the sitcoms of NBC but Seinfeld does not contain much common as other two, especially in the early seasons. Pam and Jim and Ross Rachel have belonged to the most iconic relationships in the history of TV, especially when they were set at some relatable locations.

Although Seinfeld took place in a familiar setting but the entire point which it contains is “No hugging and no learning”. However, at the end of the day, people do not want to look at the show with the bad people because we already have seen a lot in our surroundings. Seinfeld also demands more attention. While on the other hand, you can easily pick any random episode and can find a better activity than spending time on Spotify to find the track which you want to listen. Well, although Seinfeld can be a good opportunity but in the end, Netflix needs to understand that it will not get as much popularity as The office and Friends.

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