Digital Storm~digital Camera

Digital photography is a growing trend, but the best cameras for capturing photos are still still limited to compact and expensive DSLRs and smartphones.

Now, a new smartphone-controlled digital camera from medical device maker Medion is making the leap from camera to computer.

The Medion Digital Photo Camera is designed for people with disabilities, but it’s also meant to work with other sensors, including those for hearing and vision, so it can be used to take stills or videos.

The camera also features built-in speech recognition software.

Medion has partnered with the nonprofit Accessible Media Lab, which aims to make digital photos accessible to people with digital disabilities.

“The company is looking at making this a universal camera, meaning that it can work with all kinds of sensors, like cameras, touchscreens, etc.,” said Dan Fischler, president of AccessibleMediaLab.

“That’s a really big deal.”

The company is still working out a software solution, but Fischlers hopes to have the first product ready for sale in the second half of the year.

The device is designed to capture photos from a variety of different angles, including panoramic shots, portrait photos, stills, and video.

It’s built to work seamlessly with a range of mobile devices, including iPhone, Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

The company also says it has plans to bring the device to the Apple App Store later this year.

Medioion’s product is based on a new sensor called a sensor fusion module that was developed for the U.S. military and is a collaboration between Medion and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

It is a combination of three different sensors that capture three different kinds of information from the sensors: light, color, and depth.

The sensors capture a range that is roughly equal to that of the human eye.

This allows Medion to take photos with a resolution of between 100 to 400 megapixels, or about 20 to 30 times larger than standard DSLRs.

Medions camera uses a fusion lens that captures light from a light source, like a light bulb, and then combines the light and color information to form a digital image.

The resulting image is then sent to the sensor, which then uses the information to generate the digital image of the image.

Mediation says it uses an advanced image processor to convert the information into a color image, which is then displayed on a screen, allowing people with visual impairments to see the photo.

“In the future, our technology can be applied to a wide range of sensors that are not available to people who can’t use traditional cameras,” said Michael Cimons, Medion’s vice president of marketing.

“By using this new sensor fusion technology, we are able to create a universal photo camera that allows a wide array of sensors to be used.”

The device also features a range-finding feature that can automatically adjust the camera’s focus to meet different needs.

This feature is designed so that a person with a visual impairment can take photos in a variety and angles, like in a portrait, but not at the same time.

This will allow people with vision impairment to capture stills with ease.

“Our technology is designed specifically for people who are visually impaired,” said Cimins.

“We are not trying to replace all cameras, we want to build the best camera in the world for them.”

The Medioison camera can capture photos up to 40 megapimples resolution, which should allow it to be mounted on any smartphone with a standard lens, and will be a boon for anyone with a disability.

It also offers the option to capture more photos than standard cameras, such as stills and video, at a higher resolution.

The phone-controlled device is also capable of taking videos at resolutions of up to 50 megapops, making it ideal for a wide variety of situations.

“It’s a great example of how a technology can help someone with a vision impairment capture their best moments of happiness,” said Fischers.

“This device is truly a breakthrough in the realm of technology.”

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