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LEGO Digital Designer Justin Sperling is set to create a new digital book that will be sold as digital books on LEGO.

Sperling, who worked as a digital designer for Disney’s The Lion King, has been working on the book for several months, and is taking the opportunity to show the public what he’s created.

“It’s a digital book for kids,” said Sperlings son, Tyler Sperler.

Spenling said he created the book with a group of friends, with the goal of bringing digital books to children in a way they hadn’t seen before.

“I think it’s really interesting, because it’s very simple and the book is a digital thing.

It’s like Lego.

It comes with a physical box and the actual Lego parts,” he said.”

Kids can see the digital part that’s inside it, and they can read about it.

It can be very helpful in building a vocabulary and learning vocabulary.”

Sperlings book, which will be available as a free download for parents and will include interactive elements, will be a collaboration between LEGO, Disney Digital Studios and the LEGO Group.

The book will be released on July 23, 2017.

Sparling said that with the popularity of digital products and services, kids are often looking for ways to learn digital skills.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in digital content and digital learning for kids, and that’s what we’re focusing on,” he explained.

“The thing about digital books is that they’re not hard to learn.

They’re just not really designed for learning.”

He said that when kids ask for help with something, it’s easy to give it a try, even if the learning process takes a few tries.

“They can just say, ‘Dad, I want to learn this, I need help with this.

This is really hard to do.'”

Sperlers book will include a bookcase, digital stickers, a LEGO logo and a LEGO stamp.

The stickers will be attached to the bookcase.

He said the stickers were created by the Lego team, but he’s not sure if the Lego logo will be used.

Sometime this summer, the book will also be available for purchase through LEGO’s online store.

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