Indiana Woman Found Dead with Python
Holding Snake

Indiana Woman Found Dead with Python

Some people may not be afraid of snakes. This is the reason that some of them keep them as their pets and play with them.

Well, most of the time this thing works and people live happily with their snake pets but some of the time this thing goes wrong. So, here is the story of a woman named Laura Hurst who was found dead recently in her home because a massive python wrapped around her neck.

So, here we are going to tell you about some details of this story.
How did this happen?

Laura Hurst was living in Oxford, Indiana. She was living there in an apartment that was owned by a person named Munson. That person was also used to live in the very next apartment of that one, due to which he knew something about this whole incident.

Munson told the police after that incident that he saw that Laura has kept a snake in her home and she had brought it inside the house on Wednesday at 8:50 PM at night. That person literally saw that lady going inside the house with that snake. He further told that Laura liked to have snakes and she does not get afraid of them.

This is the reason that she had owned lots of snakes and she used to keep all of them in her home. That’s why he did not feel any weird about this whole situation. Although, the size of that snake with which Laura went inside the home was pretty huge.

What Laura was Taking inside with her?
Well, according to all of these facts and figures that Munson described to the police totally elaborate that the snake was a reticulated python. These kinds of pythons are usually found in the rainforests of South Asia and they are usually imported from there. These snakes are pretty huge that they can have a length of almost 25 feet.

Additionally, they can have a weight of almost 350 pounds, which is quite immense to consider in case of a snake. No doubt these snakes don’t bite people and they don’t have such acids in their body, but still they can harm people by their weight and length. In fact, that harm could be too immense that someone can die because of that injury or harm.

What Police Investigated in this Whole Situation?

The police came to Laura’s home on the same night when Munson heard the sound of some items being dropped inside the house. He called the police and it immediately arrived at the spot. When they get into the house, then saw that Laura was lied dead on the floor and the python was wrapped around her neck. Police immediately called wildlife experts to catch that python because no one was trained over there to make this thing happen.

When the dead body of Laura gone to forensics, then they figured out that the death of Laura caused because of choking. Her breathing vessel was pressed too much that she should not breathe as such she should. Because of this thing, she died.

In addition, they described that the main reason of this choking in the grip of that python. It wrapped itself too much tightly around Laura’s neck that she could not breathe and eventually, she died.


Well, the above has described a real story of Indiana Woman which was found dead with a python wrapped around her neck. This whole story and the investigation clearly elaborate that the real reason for that woman’s death is that python. In this case, it is completely clear that pythons are not safe to keep them in your home. So, make sure to avoid this thing if you are also a snake lover.

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