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Posted October 08, 2018 07:54:20The $3.5 million missing from a Yamaha digital piano that went missing in a crash last year has finally been found, but the family of one of the owners is still waiting for answers.

Key points:A new Yamaha digital pianos was taken away from its owners after a crash in October2016In a rare case, a missing Yamaha digital was found after a motorcycle crash in 2018The owners of the Yamaha digital, which was left behind after the crash, have been contacted about itThe Yamaha digital has been missing since October 2016.

On October 9, 2016, a Yamaha motorcycle crashed into a motorcycle driven by one of its owners in Melbourne’s west.

It left the Yamaha owner in hospital with broken bones in his spine, ribs, pelvis and legs, and required a spinal assist in hospital.

His Yamaha digital keyboard was taken to the Yamaha factory in South Africa where a team was hired to restore it.

A year later, on March 9, 2018, the Yamaha team discovered the Yamaha computer, and its keyboard, had been lost after a motorbike crash in the town of Grosvenor.

The Yamaha digital’s owner, Simon R. Paine, was unable to contact the Yamaha staff.

He contacted Yamaha to let them know the Yamaha had crashed.

The team said the Yamaha’s computer was lost during a motorcycle accident.

Paine’s mother, Heather, said her son was “lucky” he had found the Yamaha to be in good shape.

He said he found the computer at the bottom of the ocean, and had to walk up to it to get to the bottom.

“It’s an interesting story.

It’s a story of missing a $3m computer,” she said.”

I can’t believe I’m getting the answer I’m looking for.”

If he’s lucky, he’ll never know it was missing.

“He’s hoping the Yamaha won’t be found again, but if he is it won’t make any difference.”

Yamaha said the digital had been missing for about a month.

The company has been contacted by Paine’s family.

The Yamaha team said they had been contacted “in confidence” by Pines family.

Pines said he was looking forward to finding out what happened.

“My family has been very kind to me, and I am thankful for that,” he said.

The missing Yamaha computer was donated to the Queensland Library, and has been displayed at the library.

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