Digital Storm~digital Camera

The digital forensic community is booming.

But how do you use your own personal data to fight digital theft?

That’s the question that Digital Forensics Solutions, a San Francisco company, is trying to answer.

With the help of some big names in the field, the company’s CEO, Eric Gebhardt, has created a digital forensically themed app for iOS and Android that helps users quickly and easily determine if malware is being distributed on their devices.

Gebhardt’s digital foresnsics app is a tool that can quickly scan your device and detect malware on it.

It also alerts you if it’s been compromised or stolen.

It has a built-in alert system that will tell you when malware has been installed on your device.

And it’s got an interactive UI that lets you check for malware on the device itself, if it has malware installed on it, or if malware has infiltrated your computer.

If malware is detected, you’ll receive a notification.

Gemma Burdick, a freelance journalist, told us that her app was downloaded nearly 300,000 times in the first two days.

That means she was able to check out her own data and determine if the app was being used maliciously.

Gee, thanks, Gee.

It’s definitely a nice app to have around.

It’s also useful for other people to have access to their own data.

The app has also helped the company determine how much malware has already been downloaded on devices, how much of that malware has infected a specific user’s computer, and what it is infected with.

If the malware has spread to other devices, the app can alert users to it.

“We’re always looking at ways to make the app better, and it’s one of those things where we’re constantly tweaking and improving it,” Gebhart said.

He added that his company was in talks with law enforcement agencies and private companies to improve its software.

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