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Posted November 03, 2018 06:32:56 A Walgens digital coupons offer is being offered to shoppers who are looking to save money at a grocery store.

The offer, which has now been rolled out across Walgarts nationwide, offers an additional 30% off select groceries on select dates and nights.

For example, the offer will apply to the following items on November 2:Walgreens Prime Food, Walgreen Whole Foods, and Walgills Classic Foods.

The coupon offers the following savings on select products:Walnuts at $4.99 for 2-3 puffs for a 20% off coupon.

Lemonade at $6.99 per ounce for a 30% discount.

The discount is not available at Walgalls locations, but is available at select Walgends online and in-store locations.

Walgills online coupon offersThe offer is available to the general public and can be redeemed online or in-person.

To use the offer, customers must enter their ZIP code in the box below and click the green ‘Apply Now’ button.

To redeem, they must first create a WalGens email account by clicking on the green green ‘Create an Email Account’ button and then selecting ‘Add’ at the bottom.

The online coupon can be activated through the ‘Walgens My Account’ section.

The Walgies coupons can be used on any grocery store, at home or at the office.

To see which stores and locations are offering the discount, check out the following locations:Walgreen’s online coupon offer

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