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Posted April 19, 2018 03:06:18If you’ve been holding out hope for a portable tablet that can read PDFs, you’re in luck.

The Apple iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 2 have both been rumored to be getting a digital signature, allowing you to sign PDFs.

The iPad mini has been on the market since late 2013, but the Air 3 is now officially a “digital recorder.”

Apple has not announced a price for the new iPad, but rumors suggest that it’ll be around $100, which will make it a good value if you want a tablet that will sign PDF documents.

Apple’s new tablet could be worth the $100 to $300 price tag.

A cheaper iPad Air might cost you about $250.

The Air 3’s digital signature would be even better, since it would let you sign a document from anywhere on the iPad, including a physical document.

If you’re looking to sign something using a digital camera, though, you’ll want to look at the iPad Mini 2.

The Mini 2 can sign PDF files, but it only supports PDF formats, such as Microsoft Word.

It also lacks the Pencil, so you’ll need a pen.

It can’t convert digital photos or videos, but its touchscreen is smaller than that of the iPad Air.

If the iPad mini is the best value, then the iPad Pro is also worth checking out.

If you can afford the $1,499 iPad Pro, you can easily upgrade to the more expensive iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 2.

Both tablets will support both Adobe Creative Cloud and OneDrive.

They’ll also support Apple Pay, as well as iOS 10.2, allowing for a faster and more secure app launch.

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