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When you shop online, do you trust the vendor?

It depends on whether they offer online security.

It depends how they handle data breach notifications.

And it depends on how you respond to malware, according to a new study by cybersecurity firm Digital Signal.

Digital Signal researchers found that a wide range of websites offer little or no security at all, but they all rely on software from a handful of well-known vendors to handle online security, said CEO and co-founder John Rizzo.

Most of those sites, including those in the top 10, offer only basic security, Rizzos said.

The study is part of a wider trend toward more sophisticated software and the rise of cloud computing that enables more people to run services, including online services.

The data also suggests that, in general, online security is largely ignored.

“We’ve seen this trend in the security community in the past few years,” Rizzó said.

“The trend that we’re seeing is that people think that the best security software is free, that security software that comes out of companies is the best.

But the reality is that most security software doesn’t have much protection, and the ones that do have a lot of protection are the ones they can get by paying.”

While it may be true that a few sites don’t offer security as standard as others, Rizos said, the vast majority of online services have some form of protection, including antivirus and anti-malware programs.

“That’s where the bulk of our research comes from,” he said.

If you buy from a vendor that doesn’t offer basic protection, there’s a good chance that malware will show up in the form of a Trojan horse, which Rizzotas calls a fake antivirus program that can steal your data and infect your computer.

In the event of an attack, the malware could cause serious damage.

“When you use a service that offers protection and you don’t have that security in place, you’re going to be more vulnerable to being hacked,” Rizotas said.

Even if you’re not sure what protection a service offers, the security of its software depends on the type of protection it offers.

Rizots’ research shows that a lot, if not all, of the websites in the list of best-performing websites do not offer any protection against malware.

That means that any site that has security issues, Ritzos said and that could be malicious software, a bug or a system issue, is more likely to offer a service without protection.

“We’re seeing a lot more websites that have problems that are actually due to a bad vulnerability or an exploit in their software,” he added.

“This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re bad, it just means that they have more vulnerabilities.”

But that doesn`t mean they are necessarily better than sites that offer security.

For example, a study last year found that security is not the only reason people buy online.

It also can be a factor in buying, with the study finding that people are more likely than people in the general public to choose a website that offers more security.

The survey included nearly 2,500 sites, but the researchers excluded sites that weren’t secure enough to be included in the survey, and those that didn’t provide adequate protection.

The list of sites that didn`t offer basic security included some of the top websites on the Internet.

The researchers said they used an algorithm to filter out sites that don`t provide adequate security.

“If we look at sites that we didn`re not confident about, we’re more likely just to look at the most-secure sites that have better security,” Ritzotas told ABC News.

“There are other things that could cause a website to not be trusted.”

For example, if a company offers only a free trial period, but then a ransomware attack destroys that trial, the company will not be able to restore its business.

And when that happens, the data could be lost, Ritzer said.

“It`s hard to find a site that is not vulnerable,” Ritzer added.

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