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A digital art device designed by a local digital art group is being marketed as a digital version of a vintage 3-DRIVED printer.

The $100 electronic art tablet features an LED-backlit display, 3D scanning technology, and a 3D printer that will allow you to create prints and create digital art.

The digital tablet is a 3rd-generation version of the popular 3-drill digital art printer.

3-Drill printers are currently used to create 3-dimensional objects in hobby shops and for personal use, but these printers have a tendency to become expensive.

The 3-d printer that can be purchased for less than $400 will enable a hobbyist to make 3- or 4-D prints and digital art creations.

“The device is designed to be the perfect companion for your 3-to-5-D print shop, your 3D art shop, or for just any digital art you create,” said John A. McIlroy, president and chief executive officer of the 3-Draw Digital Art, Inc., a Denver-based digital art production company.

“We wanted to create something that you can actually use for everything from creating 3- and 4-color photographs to creating 3D digital images of your artwork.

We are using a digital inkjet printer with an ink cartridge to print out the print and then you can attach it to a 3.5-inch digital art print-out.”

The digital art printed on the tablet can be viewed and printed in an online gallery or printed in-store using the 3D printing software that comes with the printer.

“It’s a digital printing device that you could have on your wall and you would be able to go in there and print out whatever you wanted,” McIlry said.

The printer can also be used for printing a large print out and for making digital art sculptures.

The tablet is being offered by the Denver-area digital art groups, which are working to expand their digital arts and crafts offerings.

McEllroy said the digital art printing project is in response to a growing demand for 3- to 5-D printing services.

The Digital Art Digital Print and Play, which was founded by McEllry and his business partner, Mike Schoemaker, will begin shipping a 3d printable printer to hobbyists this spring.

The printable printable version will cost $100 and includes the printer, a micro USB cable, and instructions for printing.

The company also is selling a printable 3D printable.

“This printer will be used by people to make prints and do all sorts of things that they would never be able do with a traditional 3-in-1 printer, but you can do them with the digital printable,” McEllley said.

“You can make a 2-inch print and it’s ready to go, but if you wanted to print it in 3-Inch, that’s something you’d have to buy a new printer for.”

The printers are being designed specifically for hobbyists.

The printers come with an LCD display that shows the current position of the ink cartridge, the size of the print, the distance to the print plate, and the printer settings.

The display is powered by a lithium-ion battery and can be charged with USB or a power bank.

3D Printing Services, Inc. is a Denver company that specializes in 3D printed objects.

The manufacturer of the digital printing machine has been working with McElly and Schoeman for a year.

The two are currently using 3- in-one printers to create digital print works.

McLaughton said the printers are designed to make the creation of digital art and art sculpture as simple as possible.

“If you want to have an artistic, or a print-on-demand piece that you create, or have a digital piece that’s printed on paper, or can be printed on any of the devices you can use, it’s really not complicated,” McLoughton said.

He added that the printers will be more useful for a hobby shop owner than it is for a professional artist.

“A professional artist would be going to print and cutting out something and printing it for a client,” McAfee said.

McAfee added that he is not aware of any other companies offering 3-Printer-based printing services to hobbyist.

“I’m not sure that there’s anybody out there that’s doing it,” McFarlane said.

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