How TikTok is Changing The World

How TikTok is Changing The World

In today’s world where seemingly everyone wants to get a piece of what’s trending on Tweeter, or keeping up with the most captivating post on Facebook, or even sharing their most liked food recipe on Instagram, it’s going to be entirely expected if you claim to have heard about TikTok at this point in time.

And if even after trying to get your hands on the TikTok app, you are still a world away from enjoying all of the benefits that have accounted for its more than 500 million users.
TikTok is rewriting what had been the order of the day with the giant social media platforms, and you have every right to know a thing or two about this content sharing community. This piece will be walking you through some of the high points that has made TikTok a must have for today’s millennials.

So What’s TikTok All About?

This app allows its users to make short videos and share them with whoever they choose to share that content with. These videos are unlike what you have in Instagram and Snapchat. Instead they are tall, very similar to what you have with feeds, and can be accessed when you scroll them vertically.
If you are in the habit of making short videos, then you are definitely going to love this app because it is equipped with many fantastic tools that will make your job a lot easier. You can push your creativity for video creating by exploring the available tools. That’s not all as users can score sounds for their videos, explore multiple user engagement options via response videos.

It is Free and Easy to Use

Similar to what other social media charge for getting involved, TikTok is absolutely free for anyone who cares to use it. And if you want to consider its simplicity, TikTok is a classic description of – ‘User Friendly’.

There is so much waiting for you to be a part of on this platform. You can take advantage of its huge sound database, which ranges from well- known song clips to selected moments from YouTube videos, TV shows, or even TikTok contents itself. Challenge yourself with its dare-looking competition, make jokes and see how good you are with certain dance themes. It is almost a world of endless possibilities when you consider the amount of fun that awaits you on TikTok.

Content Suggestions

This is one feature that makes TikTok stand out of the park. It is almost impossible for you to run out of ideas regarding what you should watch or post. Are you trying to search for something fun to engage your eyes? TikTok is going to return an avalanche of suggestions for you.

Or are you thinking of posting something very nice for your followers to read up, this platform has equally got a flurry of suggestions to get you going.
TikTok certainly seems like a major advancement on what other big-time social media platforms are doing to be better. It is a great platform for making some new friends and getting to see what the other side of user interaction is like.

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