Elon Musk’s Total Worth Takes a Dive By $768 million in one Single Day

Elon Musk’s Total Worth Takes a Dive By $768 million in one Single Day

Elon Musk is on the news again! Sometime ago it was him smoking marijuana on a live show. And not too long, he was in a kind of debate with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg over the purported dangers of investing on AI technology.

For someone who is worth over $20 billion, you can expect Musk to be on the news for whatever reasons. However, there has been a lot of talk regarding Elon Musk’s latest activities regarding the much talked about Tesla Cybertruck.
Tesla’s unveiling of the much expected electric vehicle finally happened last week and the events that transpired was not something Musk saw coming . Here are a few things about the event

The big Launch

The possibility of flooding the world with electric vehicles has been an interesting subject and something that pleased the heart of every sane person. But Tesla has decided to make things a little more fun with the introduction of their new cybertruck. There has been so much talk about the product, with its amazing durability being at the forefront of all its extras. However, for God knows whatever reason, the demo event seem not to have gone as planned

What Went Wrong?

Expectations had been high as to what the Tesla Cybertruck had to offer in terms of its rugged nature and many other admirable features.

Elon Musk had done a really good job by telling the world that the car can be likened to a bulletproof monster that will be impenetrable to any 9 mm handgun. And by the time the demo commenced, what happened eventually was the least thing anybody would have expected. It was hard to tell what ever went wrong. But the fact is that the new Tesla cybertruck that was unveiled as at last week was anything but a bulletproof vehicle as Musk had claimed. Tesla’s chief designer was called in by Musk to demonstrate the durability and ruggedness of the cybertruck by smashing the glass with a steel ball. But what followed was an absolute disaster!
The chief designer swung the steel bar right at the cybertruck and the unimaginable happened – the glass was shattered. To add insult to injury, he was asked to do it again, and the result was the disappointingly the same.

What Happened Afterwards?

Elon Musk is one of the biggest tech entrepreneurs in the world, and as such he tried to manipulate the situation to Tesla’s advantage by claiming that the steel ball did not penetrate the shattered cybertruck glass.

However, while Musk did what he knew how to do best by maintaining his calm during the seemingly disastrous event, Tesla’ share price couldn’t because it took a deep dive afterwards. Their share price went down by a whopping 6%. That ultimately led to Elon Musk’s overall worth dropping by an incredible $768 million. The most surprising part is that this happened on the same day the event was held. But just so you understand the kind of person Musk is, he has come out to say that Tesla has had about 200,000 orders on the same truck that was assumed to be a bulletproof vehicle. Whatever your views are about Elon Musk are respectfully your views, this guy is out to do business in the most unconventional way.