Digital Storm~digital Camera

Digital media is the next generation of advertising, and it’s booming.

There’s been a huge surge in digital sales and it shows. 

While there were just 4.4 million digital downloads of print books in 2016, PDFs made up 13.5% of digital sales. 

In 2015, the year digital was introduced, pdf sales were 11% of print sales.

Now, it’s up to 20%. 

In 2018, digital book sales surpassed print books as the most popular digital source of revenue for retailers and publishers. 

The infographic below provides an overview of the digital market. 

Here are a few more facts about digital: It’s a new type of media Digital publishing has never been more popular. 

For example, Amazon sold over 50 million digital books last year. 

And the Digital Book World Association reported that digital sales are forecast to be $1.4 billion by 2020. 

Digital content Online, users can access more than 300 million books, comics, audiobooks, and more every month. 

By 2020, digital book sales will be up to $2.4 trillion. 

One in five digital book readers is digital It was estimated that about one in five digital consumers are digital readers. 

A 2017 survey by digital agency Digital Audience found that 70% of digital book readers are digital authors. 

Some digital publishers are offering special deals for digital book subscribers, which are not available in print. 

Other digital outlets are not offering a digital print option, and they offer special deals for digital books. 

This infographic explains what it means for authors to sign digital content and how it can benefit their books. 

Read more about digital rights and copyright.

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