Digital Storm~digital Camera

In the first round of a new “Digital Mirage” battle royale, Sony and Canon are facing off in a battle for digital photography supremacy.

In a few weeks, Canon will finally announce the new Canon EOS 50D camera that will launch in the UK, followed by a new, high-end DSLR from Sony.

Meanwhile, the new Sony RX100 is set to launch this year, and the Samsung NX100 is also set to arrive in 2019.

But how much does a camera and a camera camera make up the “Digital Miracle”?

We’ll answer that question for you below.

First, a quick word on Canon’s recent DSLR announcement.

The 50D will be the first Canon DSLR to come with an in-body Digital Miracle (DMP).

This is a camera that is built with the digital sensor in mind.

It’s a bit like having a digital camera in your hand that you can snap photos of, but without the need for any special software.

But the 50D has a camera sensor that has been enhanced with more pixels than a digital zoom lens.

It will be Canon’s biggest leap to date in terms of resolution, color saturation, and brightness.

Canon says the camera will offer full HD 1080p video, and can shoot in 4K (4K Ultra HD) and 4K Ultra SD (4k SD).

That means the 50d can capture 1080p 60fps video at 60fps and 4k 30fps video.

That makes it Canon’s first 1080p, 60fps camera in the world.

This is what Canon promised when it unveiled the 50DS in February: It will capture 4K video and 4 k video in 60fps, and shoot at 60 fps in 4k.

Canon promises the 50Ds will be capable of 1080p and 4x video, which is great for capturing images and video on the go.

It also promises the camera’s resolution will be “up to 1.7 times higher than the DSLR’s, and it will offer up to 40% higher dynamic range than the best DSLRs.”

But that resolution will also require a high-quality camera body to take full advantage of the camera.

The new Canon DSLRs have a camera body that’s designed to be more like a DSLR than a camera.

It is made up of a lens (which is just a thin metal tube), and a sensor (which contains all the pixels of the sensor).

That sensor is made of a type of glass that is very expensive, and also very heavy.

The glass is also thinner than other types of glass, and there’s not much room for a sensor to sit between the lens and the camera body.

In order to make the lens thinner and lighter, Canon has to cut back on the amount of metal used in the lens.

Canon is hoping that the weight savings will help the lens to hold up to the rigors of shooting with a camera with a DSLL sensor.

The lenses are also thinner, making it possible to fit a wider angle lens on the Canon DSLT-A100.

This will make it easier for people to capture great images with the camera, and will also help Canon make its new DSLR the camera to shoot with in the future.

So, is this camera better?


But it’s a significant step forward in terms

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