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With the advent of the Amazon Kindle Fire and Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon is now bringing its entire e-book catalog to digital shelves.

Now, the company has also added a handful of other titles to its growing e-readers lineup, including the Kindle Fire HD and HD+ models, Kindle Touch and HD, and Kindle Fire S and HD+.

While the Kindle Paperbloom and Kindle Voyage remain on Amazon’s shelves, there is also the Kindle X and X+ models available for preorder starting today.

The Kindle Fire X is priced at $249 and the Kindle Touch HD is priced $299.

Both models come with 32GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, and an SD card reader.

All three models feature a variety of design elements, including a front panel that can hold up to 64GB of storage, USB-C port for charging, and a microUSB port for connecting to a variety more powerful peripherals.

There are also a handful more titles in the Kindle Digital Orders line that have yet to be announced, but we expect the new titles to be among the most attractive for Amazon shoppers.

Amazon has been known to offer some pretty limited promotions with the introduction of new products, but this latest line of digital books is a good indication that the company is trying to keep pace with the ever-changing e-reader market.

The Fire HD will be available on July 31 for $249, while the HD+ will be $299 on July 20, with the X HD+ starting at $449 on July 19.

The X+ will have a $199 price tag, while its higher price point is expected to be met with a limited number of sales, including on the digital marketplace, as well as a limited edition limited edition of 1,000 Kindle Fires.

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