50 Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft.
minecraft fight with the skeleton

50 Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft.

Well, you might know many of the below things but there might be a lot of things which I’m gonna tell you and these things you didn’t know about Minecraft. So, here is the list of 50 things you didn’t know about Minecraft.

mincraft game

mincraft game

Number one

naming a name tag jab with an underscore and using it on a sheet will create a rainbow sheep.

Number two

Using the Dinamo name tag with a capital D will make any hostile or non-hostile mob turn upside down.

Number three

If you are wearing a pumpkin on your head, it is impossible to make an end demand hostile by looking at them.

Number four

Well, the bedrock is unbreakable you can use and the power to teleport through the bedrock at the roof of the Nether.

Number five

If your character has any sort of positive or negative potion effect, drinking milk will remove all of these and turn you back to normal.

Number six

just like the Dinamo name tag, the name tag grant with a capital G will turn all mobs upside down.

Number seven

throwing an item onto a cactus will destroy it, just like throwing the item into lava.

Number eight

Cats take no full damage whatsoever, even if they fall from the height limit.

Number nine

you can use snowballs to kill blazes.

Number 10

you can sleep during the daytime provided there was a storm going on.

mincraft game


Number 11

If a cauldron is left outside when it’s raining, it will slowly fill up with rainwater.

Number 12

Using a bow or crossbow, it is impossible to hit an end a man with an arrow since they will always teleport out of the way and time. The same thing also happens when you throw snowballs at them.

Number 13

Creepers were made by accident when Minecraft creator not wrote a line of code, which made pigs have a body in the same shape as a creeper. As a result, he decided to keep the mistake in the game and created a new skin for the mom which eventually became the symbol of Minecraft

number 14

during its earliest days Minecraft wasn’t called Minecraft and instead not called it cave game.

Number 15

naming a bucket with a fish inside of it will name the fish.

Number 16

In survival mode, you can only in short items up to a level of five. But if you have cheats activated, you can use commands to enchant items out to evaluate with 32,767. Here I am demonstrating this by chanting a diamond pickaxe with a 14 value of 32,767. When you mind a diamond or with a fortune three big x it will give a maximum of three diamonds per or however when our mind or with a fortune 32,767 pickaxe, I got over seven double chest of diamonds.

mincraft game

mincraft game

Number 17

A torch can be used to break fooling gravel or sand without burning

Number 18

Torches can also support gravel and sand and there is no weight limit to how much weight they can support.

Number 19

Pressure plates will prevent lava and water from flowing out.

Number 20

A bow and arrow can be used to break boats and mine carts.

Number 21

Now the fences and wooden fences will never connect with each other.

Number 22

ambient sound or random eerie noises that occur most often when the player is in a dark space. There are a total of 19 different ambient noises and when ambient noise number 14 is put through a special
Beck program for graph produced which represents the noise looks like a distorted creepers face.

Number 23

You can tell a dog’s health by the height of its tail.

Number 24

the sounds of Andaman, all the sounds of English being spoken backwards. Of course it has been highly distorted and slow down on top of that.

Number 25

The sound that a ghost makes is voiced by a pet cat OCH who is the creator of the micro soundtrack.

Number 27

After defeating the end the dragon you will receive a dragon egg as a reward. This egg can only be picked up using a piston

number 28

You have a higher chance of catching a fish when it is raining.

Number 29

pistons cannot push obsidian

number 31

there is only a naught point 5% chance that the sheep will spawn naturally with tank wall.

Number 32

in peaceful mode on Golan some wolves can attempt to attack you, but will inflict absolutely no damage whatsoever.

Number 33

the best why level coordinate to mine diamonds is why is equal to 12.

Number 34

Have you ever noticed that all the cows in Minecraft can produce milk and therefore or female? This would make it pretty weird considering the old cows can breed together to produce more calf. Number 35. using only your fist it takes over four minutes to break a block of obsidian.

Number 36

mushroom bones are one of the rarest bombs in the game. On top of this hostile mobs will never spawn inside of it even in horde mode.

Number 37

smelting a stack of 64 anything will take exactly 10 minutes


mincraft game

mincraft game

Number 38

What’s in the wall the game will spread its own name wrong by spelling mints raft instead of Minecraft.

Number 39

You can see through the eyes of any more by going into spectator mode and right clicking on their face.

Number 40

you can use various dyes to change the color of the dog’s collar.

Number 41

If you’re quick enough, you can survive falling from a high place by exiting the game just before you hit the ground and logging back in again. When you log in Jakarta should only for a few more blocks before safely landing on the floor.

Number 42

usually a piston will push a block. In the case of the dragon egg, a torch and various other items it breaks the block, but in the case of a cake, it will destroy the block.

Number 43

You can play Minecraft in easy, normal and hard mode, which will affect how much damage a mob can do to you, but will not affect the maximum survival height of your character. In easy normal and hard mode, the maximum height that you can survive landing on a solid block is 23 blocks.

Number 44

Believe it or not, there is actually a world border in Minecraft. In the past many people have claimed that Minecraft was infinitely large, which is not true. The actual world border starts at 30 million blocks and economic past unless you use better hater mode or teleport commands

number 45

creepers take longer to explode if they are caught in cobwebs.

Number 46

your Minecraft character is extremely strong. Before the notch Apple became something are profitable In some versions of Minecraft. It was the heaviest item by far. Considering each Apple uses eight cubic meters of pure gold, and the player can carry a full inventory of stacks of notch apples. This means that the Minecraft character can carry over 54 million kilograms on his back.

Number 47

If a pig is hit by lightning, it will become a zombie pigment.

Number 48

you can use calc to make an extremely fast Lyft

number 49

Believe it or not a squared can ride in a minecart.
Of course it won’t be able to do so for long and will eventually die since it cannot survive on land.

Number 50

There are 65,536 blocks in a single chunk of the Minecraft via most of these are of course air blocks