10 interesting facts about jeans you might not know
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10 interesting facts about jeans you might not know

As you all are already familiar with the jeans you wear and use it on daily basis. Jeans are always one of the best clothes and I don’t think anyone will dislike wearing it. You may be knowing too much about jeans, but I have got some great and strange facts about jeans that you might be not knowing it before. So, let’s get into it.

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We all know jeans are great in terms of every aspect. You can use them to wipe your dirty hands on the jeans. It can be used to play in the mud as it is reliable to play in that. Because of its easy to wash material. But these uses are so normal that everyone knows about that. Here, we are going to show you some strange facts and information that you might not know about jeans. So, when it comes to the usual blue trouser known as jeans, here are the interesting facts about jeans.

Number 1: Blue Jeans Birthday

Do you know the birthday of Jeans? If not, we’ll tell you. 20th May is considered as the official blue jeans birthday. Because this was the date when the manufacturer of blue jeans firstly started and invented this blue trouser known as blue Jeans

Number 2: Blue Jean is Illegal

Do you know that blue jeans are banned, or you can say illegal in North Korea? The reason behind the ban was that according to North Korea, blue denim is a symbol of American expansionism and the ruler of that time Kim Jong Il banned that blue trouser or Jeans in North Korea.

Number 3: Jeans Through Vending Machine

Japan got next level in selling things. The vending machines which are used to sell instant food such as snacks or cold drinks can sell jeans as well. And it’s happening in no country other than Japan. Hats off to you japan.

Number 4: Zippers on Jeans

Initially, jeans were worn by the factory workers and at that time, jeans has zippers on it. Men’s jeans has zippers on the front side while the jeans worn b women has a zipper on the side. Now, the design and look are being changed.

Number 5: Most Expensive Jeans

Do you know how costly blue jeans sold in the history of jeans? The most expensive jeans that was sold got a worth of $60,000. Yes, you read it right. Jeans that was made 115 years ago was auctioned on the eBay site in the year 2005. And the buyer offered $60,000 for that Jeans.

Number 6: Jeans are manufactured in Sweetshops

Unfortunately, thousands of denim items are manufactured in sweatshops in third world countries.

Number 7: Jeans were made for poor people

Levi Strauss jeans were made for the porter people. The creator of the famous brand Levi Strauss never wore a pair of his own jeans. He was wealthy businessmen and jeans were made for the poorer people.

Number 8: How much producers of Jeans Earns

Do you know, when you buy a pair of jeans, almost half of what you pay goes to the retailer only 12% goes to the producer?

Number 9: How many Jeans can be made from one bale of cotton

You won’t believe but almost 325 pairs of jeans can be made from one bale of cotton.

Number 10: How skinny Jeans are made

skinny jeans are not made using pure cotton, but with Easterner to give them an elastic component.


So, these were 10 amazing and strange facts about jeans you might not know about. Tell us in the comments which fact you liked the most and why. I believe you liked.